Why did I become a life coach?

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All of my life, I have had such an enormous urge to help others. From my elementary school years, I was known as someone who wanted to see others grow and flourish. The neighborhood I grew up in went from a peaceful retirement community in my youth to a community with a much higher rate of crime, gang rivalries and violence. Hope was in high demand.

I had a lot of hoping and dreaming in me. So much that I started organizations and initiatives to ensure that as many of us that could have opportunities to succeed in my community, would. Later in life, that translated to jobs and other opportunities where I could help people or ideas grow. I would join companies or be involved in programs that would result in huge growth for all those involved–more followers, more likes, more funders, more partners, more participants, more insight.

This year, after getting married, and thinking about who I wanted to encompass as a wife, future mother, and social entrepreneur, I decided that the time was right to take everything I’ve learned along the way to truly walk in my purpose as a life coach.

I’m loving this journey, and I can’t wait to see what impact I will continue to have the world now living my life driven by my mission and purpose.


Photo Credit: Raymond Bryson (Flickr)

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