Free Webinar Thursday, 10/23 8:30 p.m.: 10 Keys to Self & Community Empowerment


**Register now for this empowering webinar at!**

You deserve to be all you can be for yourself and the world around you.

When I was a child, I had so many dreams and aspirations for my life. I wanted to change the world and use my gifts and talents to inspire people.

After years of opportunities, struggles, and revelations, I have been able to grow organizations, change lives, and have a flourishing for-profit and nonprofit business. I want to share some of my keys to success with you on my upcoming free webinar.

While sharing from my own story, I will talk about 5 keys to how I kept myself optimistic and energized while walking in my purpose and how you can do the same in your life as well as 5 key practical steps I took to form the organizations I lead and love today. I hope you hear something that might be the extra push you need to move forward on that dream that’s been on your heart and mind.

Register now for this empowering and eye-opening webinar at !

See you there!

Photo credit: Maria Dawson (Flickr)

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