Two perspectives for viewing any opportunity or setback

I was walking in the airport during an all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas as a result of an award I received for my work with my nonprofit, Project Inspire. I was feeling blessed, and I thought to myself how:

It is as important for us to 1) acknowledge the greatness or pain of a moment, as it is for us to 2) remember where we come from and how our past has influenced our present.


For me, I was a little girl from North Miami Beach, FL with a lot of dreams and not very much confidence, who has taken bold action to grow and serve across the East Coast and internationally.

When you think about your hurt, your wins, your achievements, or your losses, don’t only sit in your frustration or embrace your happiness, but analyze how your past successes or challenges have set the foundation for what is happening now. It will allow you to see the testimony–the powerful story or lessons–in each situation, and then allow you to understand how to move forward strategically.

We all deserve to thrive, and the most successful people use these two perspectives to have endless achievement and forward movement in their lives. Embrace the present, but do acknowledge the past. And then, move forward in victory based on truly understanding where you’ve come from and where you need to go from here.

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Photo credit: Jason Powell (Flickr)

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