Introducing the all new REAP Leadership and Personal Development Program!

I just finished up my Empowerment Now: Analyze, Release, and Move Forward web series where we featured a group of women who had surpassed obstacles in order to accomplish amazing things both personally and professionally! Participants in the series said they experienced both personal and professional transformation and had an opportunity to explore their lives, commitments and time more deeply than they have before!

At the end of the last call in the series, I launched my REAP (Resilience, Energy, Action, and Productivity) program. This program is both a leadership and personal development program beginning by early May 2015 and I wanted to tell you more about it!

  • You feel like you need to work on your ability to bounce back from situations that have happened in the past or situations currently happening in your home, at work, in relationships, in friendships, or within your entrepreneurial plans (Resilience),
  • You can’t always find the emotional, physical or spiritual energy you need to move forward in a spirit of joy and excellence daily and want to know the secrets to living an energetic life (Energy),
  • You’d like to be able to have more initiative when it comes to your daily routine, being able to more readily avoid procrastination, adhering to your commitments, confronting challenges, and pursuing your dreams head on(Action),
  • You have been seeking the right routine that will allow you to maximize your personal time, family time, entrepreneurial time, relational time, etc. (Productivity), AND
  • You’d like to work on the critical aspects of releasing feelings about the past that are not serving you and move forward into strategizing in detail what the future might look like and the path to get there (Release and Progress).


  • 2 monthly group webinars (1 – 1.5 hours each) where you’ll have the opportunity to work through these critical components of Release, Resilience, Energy, Action, Productivity, and Progress through conversation, group support, an interactive curriculum including proven and research-based exercises, worksheets, and journaling. ($100/month value)
  • 1 monthly 1:1 90-minute conversation via Skype, phone, or in-person with you and I (a certified life coach) where we delve deeper and/or strategize around areas of most concern to you, coming up with strategic plans of action. ($200/month value)
  • Personalized HW from 1:1 calls and group webinars to ensure you’re steadily moving forward with your personal dreams and goals while analyzing your current state of mind and empowering yourself along the way ($100 value)


You can have greater peace of mind along with increased resilience, energy, action, and productivity through this program for $100 a month for 3 months if you sign up by midnight, Monday, 4/6!

After Monday, 4/6/2015, the price will go up to $125 per month.

Payments will be debited from your account on the 1st of each month.


Send me an email at to let me know you’re interested in the REAP program and we’ll schedule a 15-minute chat to determine if this program is a good fit for you and, if so, what you hope to accomplish while in the program!

If you haven’t done a free 30-minute consultation with me, I’d be glad to do that for you! I look forward to speaking with you!

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