Getting past the clutter to discover great resources as an entrepreneur

Many of us have been there…hoping to start an awesome business venture, not knowing where to start, and discovering loads of webinars, programs, books, courses and more that seem like they can all help us to get to where we want to go. 
When I started my coaching business, I was spending time morning, day, and night immersing myself in all types of resources. I was listening to teleclasses while driving, while doing housework and while multi-tasking on other business tasks. I was reading. I was watching webinars. I was doing way too much, and I became overwhelmed.

Here are a few tips that helped me move past the clutter. I hope they’ll help you too!
1. Determine if a book, teleclass, one-time webinar, or webinar series is worth your time, especially if it’s free. Find out about what very specific content will be covered in the resource. For books, check out summaries and recommendations on book-selling websites. For free teleclasses, one-time webinars, or webinar series, ensure they are not mainly focusing on selling you a program. If you are 30 minutes into a call, for example, and haven’t received any practical tips, strategies, or resources, if you are pressed for time when it comes to moving your business forward, you may want to move on to the next resource.

2. Before you enroll in a course, whether is is for free or at a cost, check out the social proof associated with the program. Not only should you check out the testimonials on the business website associated with the program and any associated social media, but you should also check out reviews and ratings that come up when you Google the individual or business. You might be surprised at what you’ll find!

3. Results! Results! Results! Especially if you are investing in this resource, find out what results have come from those who have also invested in the resource. To do this strategically, first determine what specific results you’re looking for in your business. For example, you may want to increase your social media followers. You should find through your research on the book, teleclass, one-time webinar, webinar series, or program that those who have taken advantage of this resource have increased their followers after interacting with this resource (if that information is available). If the resource is associated with a person, ask for referrals who you can speak to before you make your final purchase.

4. Trust your gut. My mom has told me for years that this method works, and as an entrepreneur, I can vouch for the fact that it often does.  You’ll often know once you start reading a book, start listening to a teleclass, start watching a webinar, or start a consultation, if it’s best to keep going or move on to another resource. Listen to your inner heart as you delve deeper into the resource and be sure to determine if this resource is best for you.

In whatever your journey is as you find what works best for your business, I wish you nothing but success in the process! My hopes are that you, like me, can experience less overwhelm and more increase, as you build your business and find the best resources to make that growth happen!

Please share this with anyone who you think it might be helpful for, and as always, let me know if it was helpful by commenting below, liking this post, or sending me a quick note at
Your empowerment specialist,

Daphne L. Valcin

Photo credit: UNCG Research (Flickr)

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