Why not dream big? – Motivation for the Month!


Why not Dream BIG?

In early 2014, while training to be a life coach, I was asked to think about what every area of my life would look like if it looked exactly like what I desired.

I reviewed every aspect of my life that I thought to be a priority and wrote a vision for what I’d love to see happen within a year of my writing that vision.

And guess what I discovered?

What you envision for your future can come to fruition if you create a vision, create a plan, and work that plan…no matter how big the vision.

A substantial part of my vision I wrote so long ago has come to pass through faith, hard work, and a dedicated commitment to my vision.

My suggestion to you: DREAM BIG this year. Determine what’s possible for your life financially, spiritually, professionally, entreprenuerially, and beyond. Think about what you can do to make this vision come true within your power (and remember, sometimes we underestimate what’s in our power to do). Then, be ready to shift when the progress of your plan calls for a shift in direction.

Take time this month to DREAM BIG, create a plan towards your vision, and work that plan.

I believe in you!

I wish you an AMAZING year full of all that life can offer and more!

As always, please send me a note if this resonated with you, and feel free to share this post with family and friends!

Also, feel free to share with me via email at daphne@daphnevalcin.com your vision for 2016. I’m excited to hear about it!

Your leadership and business empowerment specialist,

Daphne L. Valcin


Photo credit: SEO (Flickr)

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