Limit your time spent on what’s not important! – Motivation for the Month!


One of my mentors once told me that when it comes to time management, “I’ve learned that there’s a difference between doing a good thing and a God thing.” What I believe she was saying is that while we often have good intentions in what we are doing with our time, if it’s not honoring our family, ourself, our balance, our peace, and our spiritual connection, it may not be the right thing to be doing at this time.

We have a limited amount of time daily….What would your life look like if you used your time wisely?

This month, create an action plan for using your time daily in a way that honors what is most important to you. What do you need to stop doing? What do you need to start doing? What must you let go to thrive?

Use your favorite online calendar application or a printout of a weekly schedule to write, in detail, what your perfect week would like like if you used your time wisely. 

Then, get to work at changing things, so that your time serves you and your purpose daily!

I believe in you!

As always, please send me a note at or comment below if this resonated with you, and feel free to share this post with family and friends!

Also, feel free to share with me via email at how this message has resulted in practical changes to your time management! I’m excited to hear about it!


Photo Credit: Nat Welch (Flickr)

3 thoughts on “Limit your time spent on what’s not important! – Motivation for the Month!

  1. Reblogged this on Awake and Empowered and commented:
    I wanted to share this post for a couple of reasons.

    Firstly, we all need a little motivation now and then. Somehow, many of us feel like its much more important to actually follow through on certain commitments we make to ourselves when we randomly come across some piece of motivational inspiration. Hopefully, this can be that piece of motivational inspiration that reminds you to jump back on track.

    Secondly, I like that although this post if focused on motivation, it isn’t necessarily focused solely on ‘success.’ I gotta’ tell you something. I read a lot of blog posts. I am very much about looking into motivational and inspirational posts to bring you for the first reason listed on this page. The vast majority of posts I have read are focused on career success, weight loss success and fitness success. Of course, you can derive a lot of pride from a thriving career. Weight loss is very important to some people’s health. Fitness is helpful in anyone’s life. But still, I always notice that there is little room for things like relaxation, taking care of yourself, taking a break from certain things and letting go of those things that hold you down and hold you back form being all that you could be. This post doesn’t do that. Life coach Daphne Valcin encourages you to use this motivation to stay connected to whatever it is that matter to you and best promotes positive development in your life and yourself.

    1. Amy-Lynn, thank you so much for this comment and for the share! Balance, peace, and self-care are indeed just as important as the consistent pursuit of dreams and action in my opinion and according to research. I’m so glad that this post was so impactful and relevant for you and hopefully, to your audience as well!

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