One of The Greatest Gifts You Could Give Yourself – Motivation For The Month!


One of the greatest gifts that  you can give yourself during this season in your life is permission to live your fullest life. Give yourself permission to be your best self, to follow your dreams, and to daily live a purpose-driven life.

If you’re playing small, it’s time you realized that the world and the people around you are waiting for you to realize your full potential.  The time is now, and the sooner you start, the sooner you might reap the rewards of expressing externally who you know you are internally.

Family, friends, significant others, co-workers, colleagues, and strangers alike should all be affected by the results of your leap of faith.

You’ll realize that your choosing to play big literally impacts the world around you.

In the next few weeks, I urge you to give yourself permission to be your best self. Think of practical action steps that you can take daily that will enable you to live your fullest life, move forward to implement those steps, and reap the rewards of your faith and action. 

I believe in you!

As always, please comment below or email me at if this resonated with you, and feel free to share this post with family and friends!

Also, feel free to share with me below or via email how this message has helped you play big!


Photo credit:  Roberto Nickson

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