The power of relationship when it comes to your dreams

A few days ago, I spoke to almost 600 individuals through two keynote speeches in one dayYes, in one day, with baby Jasmine and her nanny tagging along, I did a keynote speech in the morning to kick off a PSAT Day at my high school alma mater, and in the evening, I did the keynote speech for Miami Dade College’s Convocation for first-year students (Miami Dade College has the largest undergraduate college enrollment of any college in the country)!

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As a speaker, I have to admit that earlier in my speaking career, I was lost as to how to gain traction as a professional speaker. I had my virtual assistant looking up over 100 prospective organizations for me to reach out to about my speaking topics and background as a speaker, but what I realized later was that many of the opportunities I sought as a speaker were in reach if I looked first within my own network.

I realized that there were people who loved me, cared about me, and respected me, who wanted to support my business or believed that I had a wonderful message to share with their audiences. They were merely waiting for me to reach out to ask for the opportunity. Some were waiting for me to put out there on my social media or in conversation what I was doing, why I was doing it, and what my vision was.

And once I started to realize the value of the relationships I already had and put my aspirations into the atmosphere, my peers and colleagues began to reach out to me to extend opportunities to do amazing things, like those keynote speeches I referenced earlier. Both came as a result of calls initiated from colleagues who I had known for 15 or more years. One said, “I keep telling everyone about you and I’m not even sure you want all of these opportunities.” I said, “Oh no. Please do keep sharing!”

If you are where I was, and you have a dream, but you feel stuck as to how to spread it or grow it, I want you to consider doing one or more of these three things that might be helpful for you on your journey:
1) Look through your phone contacts–all of them,
 and think about who you might call to ask for advice about how to move forward. Then text or message them to initiate a phone conversation or give them a call.
2) Look through your LinkedIn and research who might be helpful in helping you to pursue your dreams, and then contact them to initiate a phone conversation.
3) If you’re ready right now to move forward with pursuing your dream and need a specific resource or opportunity and you trust that someone in your circle can provide it, you may want to post about your desire to accomplish a specific vision on social media or on a private email list with colleagues, and see who might be able to support your vision.

Whatever you choose to do, I pray your personal and professional relationships can contribute to the success of your journey. I’ve learned through experience that there are truly 6 degrees of separation in this world, so chances are that either you know someone who might be able to help you with your vision, or someone you know might know someone else who can support you on your journey.

Do consider utilizing your circle to attain your dreams.

And remember, I believe in you!

If this post was helpful in any way, as always, definitely comment below, or email me at to let me know, and feel free to forward to family or friends who might benefit.

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