Here’s a plan to help you accomplish major goals in 2018!


You know what?

Sometimes, I think that we focus so much on New Year’s Resolutions that we miss out on the great opportunity that we have in the present to accomplish our vision.

With this being the last quarter of this year, I challenge you to determine what are the top three goals that you can commit to accomplishing this year that are realistic, yet extremely impactful, that fit within your current time constraints to accomplish.

**I would strongly urge you to take about 30 minutes to 1 hour to do the exercise below, or something similar, within the next 2 weeks so that you can work towards making major forward movement in the areas of life that you value the most.

Here’s how you can go about planning for and implementing your top three goals for this last quarter of 2018.

1) Firstly, think about what aspect of your life you’d like to focus on when it comes to any one of your goals. Family life? Personal development? Mindset? Finances? Fun? Spirituality? Career? Friendship? Relationship? These are just a few categories to get your wheels turning.

2) Then, think of a timeframe that is feasible for you to be able to implement these critical goals in. Maybe for you, focusing on a goal that can be implemented in 2 hours or 1 day or 1 week or 10 days would be best for you. Time-limited goals where we commit to deadlines or routines within a restricted amount of time often give us the momentum we need to implement them.

3) For each goal, write a list of every single thing that needs to happen in order for you to be able to accomplish that goal.

4) Address the challenges that might come up for you. Write a list of any emotional, physical, or logistical obstacle that might come in the way of you accomplishing the goal. For every “obstacle thought,” write a new thought and an action that could combat that obstacle thought.

5) Lastly, schedule in all of the small action steps from #3 and #4 in your calendar, and make your goal happen!

I believe in you and look forward to all that you’re able to accomplish as we close out 2018!

Feel free to comment below or message me to let me know if you thought this was helpful, and definitely share with family, friends, or colleagues that might find the plan above useful!



Photo credit: Social Cut on Unsplash

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