A Few of the Myths and Realities of Entrepreneurship (From My Perspective!)


Entrepreneurship has been such a blessing to me, even as others still believe it always turns out badly.

Some believe that being an entrepreneur is the wrong move to make because:

  • You’ll mess up your credit score.
  • You won’t be able to make big purchases, like purchasing a home or car.
  • You won’t be able to afford health insurance.
  • You won’t be able to provide for your family.
  • You’ll waste the educational credentials that you spent so much time and energy getting.

I’ve actually found the opposite to be true for me. I’ve strived to be strategic, disciplined, and consistent throughout the 4 years that I’ve been a Leadership and Business Coach, and in full transparency:

✔ My credit score has remained consistently above 800.

✔ We have two homes and are looking to purchase our 3rd property by early next year. My over $40k in student loans is completely paid off.

✔ I’ve been able to afford health insurance or healthcare since I started my business.

✔ I work 20 – 25 hours a week, and had my revenues hit double my husband’s income this year. My two small children stay home with me even as I work with a nanny we’ve hired to watch them.

✔ I have two degrees, including one from an Ivy League University along with certifications in group facilitation and Life Coaching. I totally don’t think any of it was a waste of time, though I also believe we all have different educational paths and we all have value no matter what that educational path looked like. For me, the network and mastery I’ve gained through the schools I attended have added value to those I serve and has allowed me to serve many colleagues I’ve met while obtaining those degrees!

✔ And above all, though entrepreneurship has its challenges, I really and truly love what I do every day, I love my clients, and I’m truly blessed!

If you’re willing to be strategic, disciplined, and consistent, the sky is the limit for you personally, professionally, and entrepreneurially.

And I’m on a mission to share the wealth of knowledge I’ve gained with other entrepreneurs looking to thrive in 2019.

If you could use some help thriving (and not just surviving) as an entrepreneur, drop a comment down below or click on this link so we can set up a time to chat: https://calendly.com/daphnevalcin/discoverycall.

Please feel free to share this post with anyone you think might benefit from it.

My interview with Marie Denise Simmons on her “Creative Mindset” live show!

I had an amazing interview with Marie Denise Simmons of MD Simmons Productions on her live show, “Creative Mindset.” In it, I highlight a few of my motivations for the excellence I apply to my coaching practice including the spiritual foundations of my coaching practice, and I also tell part of my personal story that influences how I approach life in general!

Click on the image with the play button to watch the recording. I hope you enjoy it!

Coming soon – My 2nd child! + My latest business wins!

To all of my wonderful supporters and followers,

I just wanted to keep you in the loop that my 2nd child will be on the way over the next few weeks, and on top of that, I’m moving from Miami to West Palm Beach, FL towards the end of this month (I know–lots of changes)!!!And what a wonderful ride this pregnancy has been in regards to the blessings that have been happening in my business in the midst of my pregnancy.

Check out some of the business wins that I’ve experienced over the past 9 months:

1) I have increased my monthly revenues to twice as much as they were before Jasmine was born;

2) I have had up to 38 clients at one time, experiencing having a full load of clients for the first time in my business, where for the first time, I had to delay client start dates, pushing new client start dates to after I come back from maternity leave in June; and

3) I have been getting the most consistent, paid inquiries for speaking engagements that I’ve gotten in the life of my business, with paid speaking opportunities to fly out to North Carolina this month and another city in Central Florida next month along with a paid speaking engagement just two days prior to my due date (all that I had to turn down as a result of where I am in my pregnancy, but all that I am extremely grateful for receiving).

I also wanted to loop you in about a few upcoming changes as a result of my maternity leave and second child coming. While I’m committed to the same great work as your leadership and business empowerment specialist even in the midst of my transition, here are some changes that you can expect:

1) I’ll be on maternity leave from 4/30 through 6/16, so this might be one of the last emails you receive leading up to that timeframe until after 6/16;

2) I’ll be moving to hopefully distributing one email newsletter per month after maternity leave and posting Facebook Lives either once a month or once every other month, with my having greater responsibilities outside of work; and

3) I’ll be responding to emails, calls, and texts in a limited fashion during my maternity leave (but still feel free to reach out!).


I know that God is doing an awesome work in my life and business, even in the midst of challenges that might come my way, and I’m confident that he’s doing a great work in your life as well! 

Please send your prayers and thoughts my way as I prepare to move into this next wonderful phase of my life. 🙂

Onwards and upwards,

Your leadership and business empowerment specialist,
Daphne L. Valcin

Celebrating the first year anniversary of Daphne Valcin Coaching!

I just celebrated my 1-year anniversary on 6/15/2015 as Daphne Valcin Coaching! 


And, I want to send you a huge thank you for your support! Whether you have been a paid client, subscribed to my blog, or have even sent positive vibes my way, I’m grateful! I just came back from a business-building retreat in Dover, Delaware, and these past few weeks, I’ve been working on how I can continue to take things to the next level in my coaching business. As a life coach, I know that we often don’t stop to celebrate our past accomplishments enough as we move forward, so celebrate with me as I reflect on my accomplishments from June 2014 – June 2015! They include:

  • Over 170 hours of coaching through long-term clients and complimentary client consultations!
  • Going from 1 long-term client in August 2014 to 18 total and 9 mission-driven business and personal/leadership development clients currently from the west coast to the east coast!
  • Speaking to over 700 individuals throughout Florida through professional speaking engagements!
  • Launching and implementing Daphne Valcin Coaching group programs including “90 Days to the Nonprofit of Your Dreams,” the “Mission-Driven Leaders Circle,” and the “REAP Leadership and Personal Development Program!”
  • Solidifying a contract for an in-person group coaching client, hosting the “Next Level Empowerment Series” for this client in Riviera Beach, FL!
  • Partnering with 8 organizations to provide a variety of coaching services to their clients!
  • Enrolling the services of a millionaire business coach to take my coaching practice to the next level (because the greatest coaches have coaches themselves)!
  • Balancing a new marriage (married August 10, 2014) and a new business in a way where I got to see BOTH flourish, grow, and be fruitful!
  • Pushing past the fear of the unknown when it comes to entrepreneurship and moving forward in faith to walk in my purpose, empower individuals, empower communities, create positive impact, change lives, and help individuals to pursue their dreams personally, educationally, professionally, and spiritually.

And, guess what? You can look forward to even greater things from Daphne Valcin Coaching in 2015 – 2016! Thanks again for your support!