Clarity – Cash Flow – Confidence Business Coaching Program

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Then, my Clarity – Cash Flow – Confidence Coaching Program might be for you!

Next program starting in Fall 2017 with promotional price for first 3 registrants


This program is about one word: Fulfillment

I am determined to lead a group of visionaries and aspiring entrepreneurs towards massive action and results in their businesses to prove to them that with focused, strategic action, they can build their own business and have income security versus job security.

This program is for you if you resonate with any of the following statements:

  • You’re tired of having a business vision on your heart that you haven’t been able to bring to fruition the way you know you can
  • You need the accountability necessary to produce consistent results for your business
  • You are spending countless hours on your business without seeing profitable results
  • You’re ready to learn the keys to having a profitable business and apply them to building up your own business or enhancing your business profits by the end of the program
  • You’re ready for income-security versus job security, where you can make income no matter our economic climate with the tools you gain from this program
  • You have a gift and you’re unclear as to how to turn it into a focused, dynamic business
  • You have many ideas but desire more focus and follow through

Program content consists of:

  • 2 live calls per month with visionaries and entrepreneurs from all over the country facilitated by leadership and business coach, Daphne Valcin
    • Each monthly call will be focused on 1 major pillar of business success (P.O.B.), critical action steps entrepreneurs should take associated with that P.O.B., and a business action challenge at the end that every participant is expected to complete
    • Calls will incorporate celebrating the progress of business leaders on the line
  • Personalized assignments distributed during our calls
  • Access to business resources and tools associated with sales, marketing, and operations that Daphne has spent countless hours researching shared during live calls
  • An assigned accountability partner from our program to help hold you accountable to the goals you set within the program for you to text or call with goals/ motivation/ celebration
  • A private Facebook group where you’ll list a stretch goal for the week in business at beginning of the week and comment on that post with results of your goal that you set at the end of the week
  • The creation of 6-month business milestones

If you’re looking to be a part of the program, you must commit to:

  • Being on at least 75% of live group calls unless you’ve discussed an alternative agreement with Coach Daphne Valcin
  • Celebrating successes of fellow group members
  • Putting in work when it comes to the goals you’ve set for your business even in the midst of fear

If you think this program might be a good fit for you, and if you’d like to find out more about if it’s a good fit for you and your business, we can jump on the line for a chat if you click the “Book Now” button below.

Feel free to apply directly to the program here.

To sign up, book your free 15-minute coaching and consultation session or apply to the program before first 3 registrants have signed up.

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I look forward to the possibility of coaching with you!


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