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Do you often struggle with knowing that you have a powerful business idea to share with the world with no idea where to start when it comes to launching it?

Do you wish you could be taking only the essential action steps to ensure you have a thriving business instead of wasting countless hours without seeing a substantial profit?

Are you consistently frustrated because of the time and money that you continue to invest in your business with little to no return on your investment?

I work with mission-driven leaders who struggle with how to increase their profits and results in their business. I equip those social entrepreneurs to have additional clarity, confidence, and cash flow in their businesses. In working with me, my clients often get more clients, more clarity, more confidence to pitch their businesses to prospective consumers, and additional cash flow in their businesses. My coaching and consulting prevents clients from having to spend countless hours, frustration, and money on things that are not producing results in their business.

Learn more about the content of my private coaching programs that cater to mission-driven business leaders by clicking here.

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Are you ready to experience next-level living, releasing the past, and moving forward into living the life you truly want?

Are you yearning to truly lead in every area of your life?

Are you tired of struggling with finances, career direction, relationships, confidence, or other areas of your life?

Or maybe you’re seeking to take your personal or professional life to the next level through tapping into your most valuable leadership strengths.

 These coaching sessions will help connect your purpose and goals to action steps and strategies to bring about results. My leadership clients are able to attain confidence and clarity, often discovering what might be subconsciously holding them back from reaching their fullest leadership potential. Through leadership development coaching, clients tackle obstacles associated with the areas of their life or career that they have labeled as priority, and consequently, develop high-impact, long-term results.


My career coaching clients fall under my Mission-Driven Leadership Development programs and have included senior executives, mid-level professionals,  and entry level professionals from Fortune 500 firms, nonprofit organizations, and other businesses looking to maximize their current career experience, change careers, find new opportunities, or obtain a promotion.

Career coaching services have included but are not limited to:

  • Resume review and critique
  • Resume revision
  • Informational interview preparation
  • Formal interview preparation and interview skills critique
  • Networking strategy
  • Coach Daphne Valcin connecting clients to personal network
  • Short-term and long-term career development strategy
  • Navigation of work politics strategy
  • Internal communication strategy for employees
  • Management leadership strategy
  • Work-life balance strategy
  • Work stress reduction strategy
  • Strategies for managing conflict with upper-level management, subordinates, or colleagues

Book a free 1-hour discovery session now to start to explore the possibilities of coaching and to learn more about my coaching packages by clicking the button below!

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