Please check out words from individuals and organizations who have benefited from Daphne’s Mission-Driven Business and Mission-Driven Leadership Coaching.


I tripled my client base while working with Daphne Valcin Coaching, and even after working with her, obtained a number of corporate and nonprofit clients as a result of the work we did together. Coaching with Daphne was an amazing experience. She was thorough and patient, and supported me in developing a clearer vision for my business along with other critical components of my overall business strategy, working with me to communicate my value-add in a powerful way to prospects–a skillset I continue to use in my business.

Shantae Edwards
Speaker, Trainer, and Impact Coach | CEO, Shantae J. Consulting

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I am, and will continue to be, eternally grateful to Daphne for stepping out and into her purpose to serve clients like me to help bring their businesses, their dreams, and their visions to fruition. I knew that the Lord was calling me to step out a little further in my business as a life coach in order to push my business forward. After my initial discovery session with Daphne, I realized that she had given me priceless tips and a fresh perspective from just one session! Our call confirmed that I needed to start working with her soon.

Later that year, Daphne reached out to me genuinely to just follow up, and I knew at that moment that it was time to work with her. She has such a wealth of knowledge and you feel her heart of service as she is working with you. She wants to see you win. Since working with Daphne Valcin Coaching, I have a more structured work schedule, and as a result, have been more productive in business securing coaching sessions with others, improving my current coaching packages, and setting up a more effective coaching system to help my business to flourish.

She provides you with so many tools that automatically position you for success, and she goes above and beyond for her clients to make sure they have everything they need to keep moving forward. I have more clarity on my target market and our impromptu sales calls have built my confidence when reaching out to new, prospective clients.

If you are on the fence about whether to work with Daphne Valcin Coaching, I would tell you to make the investment. It was by far one of the best decisions I have made for my business. If you are looking for a coach with a heart of service and that of a teacher coupled with a high value for integrity, faith, and transparency and topped off with a stream of practical resources, tools, knowledge, and continuous encouragement, Daphne Valcin Coaching is hands down the best choice.

Charlene P.
CEO of Life More Abundantly Coaching



I had been referred to Daphne Valcin Coaching by a friend. After speaking with Daphne, I had a genuine belief that she was an expert at growing businesses and the joy that she brought just through the phone assured me that I would be making the right choice to book Daphne as my coach.

Daphne’s accountability and encouragement were the key to my success. She held me accountable in such a way that I had no option but to get the work done, take time to focus on my business, and continuously educate myself with information to help my organization grow. She is also genuine and true to her word, faithful, and has a wonderful work ethic. She has the ability to always spark up something inside of you that provides you to continuous motivation towards your goals.

Through working with Daphne, I have gained so much knowledge about the nonprofit world, obtained a great deal of strategies and tools for nonprofit success, and have a greater sense of time management. I was able to train myself to stay focused and get the job done when it comes to building my business. I drastically improved my ability to be accountable, follow up, and follow through. I was able to write a business plan and coordinate activities that would result in the greatest impact for my nonprofit while strengthening my leadership skills and business etiquette.

As a result of working with Daphne Valcin Coaching, my business is now an established, incorporated, nonprofit and I can officially call myself an entrepreneur. I now have a determined mentality where even when it looks like nothing is moving, I understand that I must continue in faith in the work that God has called me to do. Without Daphne Valcin Coaching, I would not have made it this far.

Businesses, including nonprofits, for profits, mid-sized, and large businesses should consider working with Daphne Valcin Coaching, as well as individuals who may have experienced major setbacks in their businesses who want to start again and who are ready to have a truly profitable, impactful business.

Sonise Carri
Founder and Executive Director of SACRED Life, Inc.



I approached Daphne Valcin Coaching services to assist me with moving my coaching business to the next level. In my quest to make sure that I was foundationally sound, I needed coaching in the areas of foundation building, acquisitions and sales, marketing, branding, pricing, and next level strategies. Daphne Valcin Coaching’s program provided a business framework, strategies, resources, and tools needed to run BB Coaching and Consulting.

I believe in and trust Daphne Valcin because she cares deeply about others and is very ambitious, intelligent, disciplined, humble, a great leader, and role model. She is a hard-working, resourceful, purpose-pusher who is determined to help her clients achieve their goals. During our coaching experience, I gained extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in the areas where I was lacking or needed improvement. My strategic business communication skill-set has improved and my confidence has increased.

As a result of coaching with Daphne Valcin Coaching, I am better equipped to launching BB Coaching and Consulting. Some major tools I gained from my coaching experience were what business strategies and methods to use to ensure my business is profitable, time management strategies, greater business disciplined, how to make cold calls, strategies to follow-up on leads, recommendations on accounting and other software for my business, marketing strategies, training and personal development, and guidance on how to operate my business effectively.

I feel that working with Daphne Valcin Coaching was very beneficial. She provided a safe environment; thought-provoking and interactive assignments; tools to run a successful business; practical strategies; and assistance with, not only business challenges, but personal challenges that might affect my business endeavors.

I believe that both individuals and businesses would benefit from working with Daphne Valcin Coaching. Her program is diverse, intense, interactive, educational, and challenging for both individuals and businesses.

Bernadette B.
CEO of BB Coaching and Consulting



I sought Daphne Valcin Coaching’s services, because I was in need of accountability and direction in my entrepreneurship endeavors. I felt like I was all over the place and needed structure and answers to so many questions I had about moving to the next level in business. I knew that Daphne Valcin Coaching had what I needed — consistency and accountability. The consistency in coaching was very important for me because I had a bad coaching experience previously and wanted to make sure that my investment would yield a return that was profitable.

Through working with Daphne Valcin Coaching, I was able to lay the foundation for my business to have a solid structure as I was looking to grow and attain tools to be more consistent in setting business goals and achieving them. I learned that there were some key elements that I needed to put in place to grow my business. I was able to strengthen my mindset. I got into the habit of putting my business first. Without coaching, I also would not have had a clear path regarding what I needed to have a profitable business. Daphne Valcin Coaching also ensured I acknowledged and celebrated my successes along the way. Oftentimes as an entrepreneur, it is easy to be in your own bubble and not recognize all of the work that you have done over the past few months and years. I gained a lot of perspective on positive mindset so that I can continue to do great work in the community and not fight myself to get it done.

Those who have made a DECISION to be in business and made a DECISION to do the work to build a successful business would benefit from coaching with Daphne Valcin Coaching. I would encourage any prospective client to MAKE THE DECISION! It’s not a matter of will it work, because all of the information provided are actionable steps to build a CLEAR plan business leaders. It’s a matter of you making a decision to move to the next level in your personal life and in your business, and if you are, make the call, send the email and sign-up with Daphne Valcin Coaching TODAY!

Kimberly M.
CEO of Kimberly Renay Consulting & The Kimberly Renay Foundation



I had a great coaching experience with Daphne. I sought out Daphne Valcin Coaching’s services because I needed guidance with a business vision I started to work on quite some time ago. The passion she exuded in our discovery session caused me to regain motivation about my vision. She was not intrusive but allowed me to be the expert of my thoughts. She has a gift of being able to understand even the most complicated visions. She worked collaboratively with me to identify my problem, find a solution and put an action plan in place. After that discovery session, I later decided to work with her through one of her longer-term packages. I’m glad that I chose to work with Daphne, because I was able to gain clarity in what I really wanted to do, and she was also able to support me in ensuring I had the necessary components in place to ensure my business was in compliance.

I recommend everyone who is an entrepreneur to work with a business coach. It truly makes a difference. And, I highly recommend Daphne Valcin Coaching services. Daphne is motivating, enthusiastic, and a true professional who operates in integrity. I truly believe this is her craft and purpose.

Sara E., LMHC
CEO of SoundMind Wellness Center 



I came to Daphne with a desire to empower others through coaching and an initial business vision, but without the real basic business principles to ensure that I started on the right foot. Working with Daphne has helped me to discover some of my most powerful and beneficial traits and characteristics that I had not known existed, and also helped me to discover some of my traits that I could tremendously improve upon for the benefit of my business. 

As a result of my work with Daphne, I also have a more thorough understanding of the foundational framework my business should be built on to ensure long-term success. Daphne provided me with countless amounts of resources and connections to get me moving towards my desired direction. In addition, she checked on me in between our sessions and held me accountable for doing my part, which was awesome. Daphne was also able to support me in exuding a confidence in my business that only real great coaches can pull out of a person. I believe individuals who are at different phases of personal goals and business endeavors could definitely benefit from the level of knowledge, energy, and commitment that Daphne brings to the table. She really wants to see her clients successful at meeting their goals.

For anyone considering working with Daphne Valcin Coaching, the investment and time you sacrifice to work with Daphne yields a benefit far greater than the sum of the financial cost of coaching. When something has got to change in your life or business, and you are ready for something new, Daphne will jump in with you and then push you into becoming your greater self. I highly recommend her services!

Chantelle Smith
CEO and Coach of The Expectancy Institute


My experience with Daphne Valcin Coaching was truly a blessing! The sessions with Daphne provided a wealth of resources, strategies, and wisdom that have helped me as I move forward in developing my non-profit mentoring program, Worthy Girls, Worthy Lives and Wildtree direct selling business!

Each session was personable, and helped me to keep my professional and personal goals on track! It also was helpful that Daphne was able to share some of her personal experience with me and provide some insightful guidance. It is clear that this is Daphne’s passion and mission, and I encourage you to give the coaching a try.

Kirstyn M.
Founder and Executive Director of  Worthy Girls, Worthy Lives & Wildtree Representative for Wildtree direct sales




Working with Daphne Valcin Coaching was successful because her company is run with integrity and Coach Daphne Valcin is well-versed on the material she’s assisting her clientele with.

When I began her services, I was feeling very hopeless in a lot of areas. Since having completed my coaching with Daphne Valcin Coaching, my perspective on where I am personally and how I can achieve my goals has changed drastically. Daphne Valcin Coaching helped me to examine the realities of where I was as compared to how I was mentally viewing things. Once I was able to shift that perspective, I was able to make the necessary changes that are currently still motivating me to achieve my goals. I now feel that if I believe I can accomplish something, I have everything it takes to accomplish that goal.

In a very short amount of time, Daphne Valcin Coaching was able to provide me with necessary tools to help me to regain a sense of hope that I am now using as a motivating factor to do more than what we initially set out to do in our coaching sessions. I have a much stronger skill-set in the area of time management; I have a better outlook on me as a person, woman, mother, wife, and servant of God; my ability to manage my finances has increased; and I am overall actively living out God’s purpose for my life as opposed to letting life pass me by. Anyone seeking personal, spiritual, and relational guidance and development would benefit greatly from working with Daphne Valcin Coaching.

Yamileh Barnett, MA



When I reflect on my recent coaching and consultation session with Daphne
Valcin these are just a FEW of the words that come to mind regarding Daphne:


In short, my session with her was the best use of 45 minutes of my time! Mrs. Valcin helped me to recognize some of the gifts and talents that I have that I am not tapping into, and brought to my attention the amazing things that I fail to recognize in myself that others see in me. She ignited a fire that propelled me to go forth with my future plans NOW! I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to grow in any area of their life!

Meridith Rose, MS, CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist




Pure Energy. Daphne Charles is a terrifically insightful motivator, speaker, and leader. She approached our group of young women with  purpose and grace. Her open, fun, and spirited personality made each student feel comfortable and ready to receive information of empowerment and vision. I highly recommend her services….5 STARS! She is truly a gift sent to inspire and uplift all!

Dr. Natalie B.
Coordinator of Young Women Aiming Higher 

Natalie Boulware2


Daphne came in to initially work with my board on a number of issues that had been preventing our team as a whole from reaching its goals. Daphne was punctual, personable, and knowledgeable and connected with the entire team. She developed, led, and demonstrated team building exercises that helped our newly formed team engage and open up to one another in ways we could not believe. She helped us to stay focused, design a strategic plan, and understand we must set realistic goals based on time, human capital experience, and performance.

We are so happy with the service Daphne provided. The knowledge, tips, and resources have helped us tremendously and for that we are forever grateful! I highly recommend Daphne to work with any nonprofit as she is the best I have encountered thus far!

Nicole Thomas
Founder and Executive Director of Future Next




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